prosecco & frizzante


PROSECCO 1754 (75cl Bottles)

This elegent bottle of Prosecco is 100% Glera grape from the Veneto region of Northern Italy. Its characteristics of delicate fizz create a clean and crisp bouquet.  

FRIZZANTE 1754 (Draught)

Frizzante 1754 is a fine Italian Sparkling Wine.


A sparkling pink variety,  Frizzenti Rosato is made from a blend of Pinot Nero and Raboso grapes, Like Frizzenti  it is light in alcohol, 11%, making it easy to drink. Frizzenti Rosato has a fruity bouquet with a distinctive raspberry note. Tangy on the palate, beautifully smooth with a good fruit acid. Frizzenti Rosato makes a great welcome drink for a special occasion. Ideal for weddings and corporate events.




Is your Draught Product (Frizzante 1754) a Draught Prosecco?

No, our Frizzante 1754 is not Draught Prosecco or Prosecco on Tap and cannot be referred to as Prosecco. Although the beverage that goes into our bottles and labelled as Prosecco is exactly the same liquid that goes into our kegs and labelled as Frizzante 1754. Italian law states that this beverage can only be called Prosecco if it is served from a glass bottle with a volume of no more than three litres.

Why does your Draught Product sometimes look flat when served on tap?

The presentation of our product looks perfect if served in the correct way with the correct glassware. Our Draught Product is just like any other draught product, it requires the right glassware, and glassware that has been properly maintained (glasses that have been regularly renovated) for presentation to be at its best.  Although the product can look flat if served in poorly maintained glasses, or incorrect glassware, we can assure you that it is not.